People Like Us

A Synopsis of a new musical play by – A.J. Pearce

Two cross-dressing males prepare separately in their prison cells (closets) for a big Masquerade Ball at Dots Bar, a focus place for the transgender community in Auckland. The theme for the ball is “The Black Lace Prison”. During the opening scenes they meet, there is a spark.

BIANCA, nearly 50, is a builder whose family has yet to learn of his/her obsession in her feminine side. Her story leads us through the coming out process as she tells the startled family that she wants to be a woman, and is becoming engaged to another transgender person.

SHEENA, mid-thirties, has been “out” for a while. She has a past – she’s an ex hooker. While she is now the proud owner of a beautician business, she has a tax problem. At the ball her ex-pimp ROGER attempts to get her back on the game for one big “John”. There’s enough in it to pay her debt. But then she meets Bianca. Can she cheat – just once?

Both ACT 1 & 2 start with a musical extravaganza lead by VERA our Drag Queen MC. These are very colourful song and dance pieces. VERA leads both the company and the audience who are asked to participate in some numbers.

The journey is via a labyrinth of emotion from The Black Lace Prison; the turmoil of a break up and learning that freedom comes from being true to oneself, to the ‘White Lace Heaven of true love and the freedom in the world.

The story is based on many true stories and Peter Taylor’s amazing Dots Bars, where many of us found sanctuary.