Peter Taylor

A musical written in loving memory of Peter Taylor

Peter was Olympic manager of the Canadian Equestrian team in Barcelona. He was bitten by a sand fly, which infected him with a mite – the condition is known as “LEISHMANIASIS”. From then until September 2013 he endured 936 chemotherapy treatments to stop the mite multiplying. In September he asked his doctors to stop treatment and died peacefully soon after. He had endured
more than any man I have known.

Peter was a great public speaker and author. With partner Rodney Coleman he owned and operated three “Dorothy” themed bars, in which he performed drag as Vera . His book Don’t Postpone Joy is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone who has big hills to climb. The show is about the great environment Peter and Rodney created with the three DOT’S bars, the main set is Dorothy’s Sister, the middle creation of the three, where Peter performed as Vera. Vera’s character is the MC of our show people like us

Dorothy’s Sister in Ponsonby was a peaceful safe place where people of all persuasions could just enjoy themselves. Pete and Rodney were always available to help sort problems as well as serve behind the bar. Many a frustrated house bound and closeted gay person as well as cross-dresser’s came out in this venue – as did I.

Joanna Jayne.

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